Excerpt from Chapter 6 – “The Promise”

Published June 8, 2017

Suppose you would like to fill your garden with tulips next spring, so you go to a gardening shop in autumn and buy bulbs. The shop owner tells you these bulbs are for red tulips, these for yellow tulips, and these for white tulips, and if you like multicolored ones, you should plant these bulbs. All the bulbs look the same, but you do not question; you take his word for granted and buy two dozen of these and two dozen of those, etc. Neither do you question how those bulbs grow into flowers. Tulips come out of tulip bulbs, and daffodils come out of daffodil bulbs, and that’s the law of nature. If you wanted to be very sophisticated about it, you could talk about genes and DNA, but you do not have to know those things to grow tulips. Tulips grow and bloom according to the blueprints imbedded in them. That is the rule.

This rule is applicable not only to tulips and daffodils but also to everything else in this world. Everything in this world occurs according to the law of nature. Although modern science has succeeded in explaining some of the phenomena, we do not have to know the mechanisms behind everything in our daily lives; we normally accept things as they are.