Excerpt from Chapter 5 – “Salvation”

Published June 5, 2017

If the composition of the universe were all we were concerned with in religion, we could rely only on science to explain natural phenomena more accurately and more in detail, but Buddhists are concerned with more than natural phenomena. The final goal of Buddhism is to find a salvation for everyone. Although some religions may have goals that are political, economic, military, or suppressive, the Buddhist goal is salvation.

If we look at the origin of Buddhism, we can see easily why salvation is its ultimate goal. Buddhism originated in the kingdom called Magadha, located in the eastern part of today’s India. Around 423 BC, Crown Prince Siddhārtha was born in the royal family of Gautama. (The name Siddhārtha meant “every wish fulfilled.”) Every comfort of life was provided for the prince while he was growing up. He was married at the age of nineteen and was gifted with a lovely son, but in spite of all the splendor of the court life, he lost his mother while young and became very sensitive to the darker side of life.